Heated Floors

Underfloor heating systems are by far the most comfortable and convenient way to heat any room in your home. At SPM Design, we supply and install both wet and electric systems, which gives you greater choice in choosing the right system that best suits your needs.

Our electric systems are supplied by Heat Mat and come with a lifetime guarantee that covers the heat mat and the thermostat. All of our electrical systems are combined with insulation and are installed to British Standards, with all electrical work carried out by our fully qualified electrician, who will fill out all of the necessary paperwork and register your product with the manufacturer to obtain your guarantee.

Our wet underfloor heating is supplied by Schluter and is by far one of the most efficient systems on the market today. Their  Bekotec-Therm  System is ideal for new-builds, extensions and retro fits alike. It’s quick to install, build up from sub-floor is as little as 32mm and is so efficient at heating your home, that the maximum water temp supplied by your boiler is only 45 degrees. This makes the Beckotech system around 30% more efficient at heating your home than most other central heating systems.