Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a qualified tiler…. I’m a time served tiler (4 year on-site apprenticeship) who now has over 20 years experience fixing tile and stone. I also regularly attend training courses with all of our major product suppliers to make sure I stay up to date with all the latest fixing and installation techniques.

Do you have insurance…. We have full public liability insurance that covers us for all of the services that we provide, up to a value of £5’000’000. We also make sure that all of our trusted subcontractors are fully insured too.

What paperwork can I expect to receive…. After our initial visit, you will receive a fully itemised schedule of works, detailing all of the works we will be carrying out and all of the materials that we shall be using. This will be accompanied with a comprehensive quote and a copy of our Terms & Conditions. The quote will cover all items on the schedule of works, so if it’s not on the schedule of works, then it has not been quoted for! When works have been completed to your satisfaction, you will then receive a final invoice.

Do I need to pay a deposit and if so, why should I…. With all works that are booked in advance, there is a 40% deposit to be paid 10 working days before any works are due to commence (full details are in our T&C’s) This is refundable in accordance with our T&C’s if you choose to cancel before the start date. We need to take a deposit to show that you are as committed to getting the work done as much we are. In the past, there has been the odd customer that has cancelled the works on the start date. There has also been the occasional rouge customer that has decided not to pay us once their work has been completed. Because of this, we had to start taking deposits and have found that most customers are more than happy to pay.

Do you remove all of the waste…. All waste materials accumulated over the time of the works carried out will be disposed of by SPM Design. This will either be in a skip on site, or in a skip located at our workshop. We are also licensed to carry waste and dispose or recycle it at a registered depot.

Did you do the work in your displayed images…. All the images displayed on our website were taken by me, of work that I installed, completed and got paid for. The only exception’s are pictures of specific products, that I have permission from the supplier to use. You will also see the supplier of the pictures name on the image too. All too often I look at tilers site’s, and all I see are stock pictures that they have bought, or have lifted from the web. They then claim to have done the work themselves, thus louring you into a false sense of ability from the tiler!