A New Website & Blog For SPM Design

Welcome one and all to my new website and blog….

For many many years now, I’ve been hounded by the masses in the tiling fraternity to have a website and be more online savvy. Having dipped my toes in and out of Facebook and Twitter for the last few years and spent far too long on different tiling forums (much to my wife’s annoyance) I finally succumbed, and have attempted to create a website and blog all by myself. I say “by myself” because my first and only attempt previously, was to employ someone to design and create a website, but I just ended up wasting money. With the results floating out there somewhere, out of my control and with no way of deleting them.

As far as this website goes, it’s been mostly my own work, with a lot of help on the technical stuff from the team in TheLab™ from Article19  I’ve tried to be a little different. Some may like and some may not! If you do have any views on it and would like to express them, then please leave a comment and I’ll gladly take any valid points on board. But please be warned…. If you do leave garbled nonsense, then do expect to receive the same level of reply!

Blogging is completely new to me and something I’m not too sure I’ll be able to keep up, but we’ll see how it goes. We all have loads we want to talk about, complain about, shout about and share, so I guess a blog is the answer. I’m by no means an accomplished writer, and all comments regarding grammar and composition shall be ignored and please remember that I’m just a humble tiler trying to be informative, while making a living and having a little fun onlong the way. I’ll try and keep the blogs interesting, mainly tile related and about SPM Design’s progress in the tiling world.

So please take a bit of time to look through what I’ve created. It has taken up a lot of my time and has been through several incarnations to get to this stage. Also please remember that all views expressed in the blog and on the website are those of myself and not associated in any way with anyone else mentioned. All blog post’s will be signed “The Grumpy Tiler” which is generally what I am most of the time, as the tiling world has a lot in it to make me grumpy!


Thanks for reading and please feel free to share…


The Grumpy Tiler







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